TIP 1 
Handle with care

All #lashgram lashes are hand-made. Therefore, it is imperative you handle them from the lash band, not the hairs. Especially when removing from the packaging and off your eyes.

TIP 2 
Avoid Mascara

To maintain the longevity, do not apply mascara directly on the lashes. If needed, apply mascara to your natural lashes prior to application.

TIP 3 

Using a Q-tip and an oil-free makeup remover, dab and roll out to clean any makeup off the lashes. Never soak them in water or any any makeup remover.

TIP 4 
Remove glue

After a few uses, there will be a build up of lash glue. Gently peel off the excess glue using your fingers or your #lashgram applicator. Be careful your are only pulling on the glue and not the lash band. 

TIP 5 

Store your lashes in it's original packaging to keep away from dust and any liquids.